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A t The Bird House, we start with this fundamental truth: our relationship with our hair is deeply emotional. When we walk by a window and see our reflection, we almost automatically fix our hair. When we’re getting ready for a party, we style our hair, as best as we can. And when something changes—if our hair dries out, thins, grays, grows heavy, splits at the ends, if the color fades—it affects us on a heart level. For many of us, our hair is a deeply felt part of our identity, and that truth is the heart of our salon.

Our hope is that you leave The Bird House feeling emotionally boosted, with a sense of pleasure over your hair. That your hair looks and feels how you hoped it would. That it represents you. In that spirit, our brooklyn-based teams provide you with a start-to-finish service, including a careful consultation before and after your style, an unhurried atmosphere, and a precise attention to quality and detail.

We respect your relationship with your hair.

And that is what guides us.

Interior of The Bird House Salon

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Hair cut by @g_illianhunt ⠀ ⠀ #shag #mullet #nycsalon #nycstylist ⠀
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Haircut by 📍Gowanus⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #nycsalon #softlayers #faceframe #brooklynhairstylist #haircut
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A little lighter full and a hair cut for Kayla by @suzissalon ⠀ 📍Gowanus⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #blondehair #highlights #nycsalon
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creative color by @heirbruja_ @highonhairxo 🖤⠀ 📍Gowanus ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #pulpriot #nycsalon #bangs
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No matter who fills that motherly role in your life, odds are they could use a little pampering. We’ve got just the thing. 😘 Link in bio. ❤️
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Emily ✨ ✂️ & 🎨: @everythingbyana 📍: Bushwick ⠀ #curlycut #pulpriot
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Come celebrate 🤍 Every Thursday from May 18th till June 29 our Bushwick location is doing 20% off a haircut or down-do/blowout with bottomless cocktails and mocktails. Book with a friend for an additional 5% off! Link in bio for our eventbrite voucher, claim one and then head on over to, select any eligible Thursday between noon and 6:00pm, and enter the code found in your confirmation email. 🎨: @everythingbyana 📍: Bushwick
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😎 🎨+✂️: @jocelynwoodhair 📍: Bushwick
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Multiple choice. Do our extensions: A) grow directly from your head B) just look that way because our stylists are that damn talented? These seamless, impossibly natural extensions are by @heirbruja_. 😍


Please Note:

Can’t make it into either of our Brooklyn locations to buy products? Use these affiliate links to purchase your products and we’ll receive a small portion of the sale price, and you’ll be supporting our small business while also enjoying the convenience of shopping online.


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