We are always accepting applications for all levels of stylists, from assistant to master. We are looking for independent, professional, talented, and kind-hearted stylists who do excellent, modern hair without pretension. We prefer our stylists to both cut and color, but we are always open to discussion. Please send your resume and portfolio (an Instagram handle is fine) to


The Bird House offers curated, thoughtful education for all levels of stylists, from assistant to master. We bring in professional educators, host in-house classes taught by our senior and master stylists, and provide many other learning opportunities for everyone. We take an organic approach to learning. From formal classes, to shadowing, to chats about formulation in the back room, to impromptu learning sessions, we believe every learning opportunity counts, small and large. For more information on our education program, please email


If you are interested in being a training model for our new artists and receiving complementary services* email to participate! Please tell us a little bit about your hair—color, length, texture—and if you have any requests for the type of hair modeling you would like to do. If we are able to accommodate that request, we will let you know.

A few important notes:

  • If you have a limited schedule or timeline, this may not be the best option for you. In that case, we recommend you book a regular appointment here.
  • We do not offer adjustments for model sessions. That said, your service will be supervised by one of our experienced stylists. 
  • *If you’re receiving a color service, we do charge a $35 product fee.