In this new world, we have made some changes in order to keep everyone safe. 

What HASN’T changed, however, is the quality of the hairdressing you will receive. Although our process has changed a bit, the results haven’t. Your hair will be as beautiful as always, done by the same brilliant and experienced stylists, with the same careful consideration, technique, skill, and attention as ever. Our highest commitment to you right now is to keep you both safe and beautiful. 

As we navigate this new world, we ask that you have patience with us. We hope that nail it 100% of the time, but we may not get everything perfectly. If that’s the case, we welcome feedback and ask for grace.


Please see our Policies page for detailed information on our cancellation policy. However, we are suspending our cancellation policy for anyone that believes they may have contracted COVID-19. Our no-snow policy, however, remains in tact. If you don’t show up for your appointment without notifying us you will be charged 100% of your appointment.

We will require a confirmation in order to secure your appointment, and if you do not confirm your appointment within 24 hours of its start time, we may need to cancel it. Our automated confirmation emails are sent 72 hours prior to your appointment, and our receptionists also follow up if we haven’t heard from you 48 hours or so prior. In other words, we give you ample notice to confirm your appointment, we need to rely on your timely confirmation to keep our schedule running as smoothly as possible. 


Please be sure to prepare for your visit in the following ways:

a. Make sure you have an over-the-ear mask that you aren’t worried will be damaged by color. Surgical masks are great options. We have a limited supply to offer if needed, but please try to bring your own.

b. Bring your own water bottle, because we have temporarily suspended beverage services.

c. Please put our phone number, 917-909-1431, in your phone contacts, because we may be calling to confirm your appointment. In your confirmation, we may need you to confirm that the credit card we have on file for you is up-to-date, because we will be doing digital checkouts whenever possible and emailing receipts to minimize interactions.

d. Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment, because there are restrictions on how many people are allowed in the salon at one time and we will be prioritizing social distancing.


Upon check-in, we will ask you to take the following steps:

a. If more than one person is checking in at a time, please maintain 6 feet of distance at all times between that person.

b. You must be wearing an over-the-ear mask to enter.

c. We will take your temperature with our no-touch thermometer and confirm you do not have a fever.

d. Please wash your hands immediately upon entrance. Our restroom is the first door on the left once you enter the studio.

e. We will take you straight to your stylist’s chair whenever possible to minimize use of the common waiting area.

f. When you sit, we ask that you sanitize your hands with provided sanitizer as needed, and make every effort not to touch your face. (And if you do, please re-sanitize.)


a. You will be sat with more than sufficient distance between other guests, as we have limited the amount of staff and guests we will allow in the salon at any given time.

b. Please do not touch retail products. Our staff can help you select anything you need!


a. If you prefer, you can skip checking out at reception. When your appointment is finished, we will charge your card on file for your appointment and will email you a receipt. If reception has any issues, they will—from a safe distance—let you know.

b. Gratuities, as always, are truly appreciated, and we’re requesting that they are given via Venmo or in cash. Venmo can be a little tricky because if you don’t follow all the prompts, your tip won’t actually go through, so please be sure to follow all the prompts until the transaction is complete. We are so so grateful!!!