All-Over Color | 105-165

Book if you want to go a little bit darker and/or enrich and tone your current color from root to tip. If you have blonde hair and want to go much darker, book Dramatically Darker. If you only need your roots covered, book “Root Touchup.”

Dim the Brights | 130-190

Book his service, which is also known as “reverse balayage,” if you have highlights and want to keep that sun-kissed effect but also want to deepen the color. Your stylist will apply carefully placed & blended lowlights to dim the brightness while maintaining the gorgeous dimension and effect that highlights bring.

Dramatically Darker | 140-200

Book if you have blonde hair and want to go much darker. This is considered dramatic because if you’re a natural blonde or if your hair has been bleached, darkening it requires multiple steps to achieving an even, rich tone. Dramatic darkening is the service to book if your bestie convinced you blondes had more fun, but your Instaposts from when you were a brunette prove otherwise.