Our highlighting services are tailored just for you. During your consultation, you and your stylist will decide on a strategy and then your stylist will employ any number of techniques like balayage, babylights, foils, teasylights, foilyage, etc to make it happen.

Full vs Partial: There’s often confusion over the difference between a full and a partial highlight, so let us clear it right up for you! A partial highlight will lighten the hair that frames your face to the hair right behind your ears and your crown. A full highlight will lighten all sections of your hair. This doesn’t mean that every single piece of hair will be hit with lightened (that’s a bleach & tone!), but rather that your whole head of hair—from your hairline to your nape—will be brightened.

Adding Root Color: If you want your roots colored/gray roots covered in addition to a lightening service, select “Add Root Color” when you book. When combined with a lightening service, root touchups are only $50.

A Little Lighter | 185-275

Book if you’re looking for a highlight to give you touches of sun-kissed brightness.  Whether you’re a natural blonde or light-to-medium brunette, book A Little Lighter if you want the effect to be subtle yet noticeable. You’re not going for a big change here; rather, what you want is to add a sense of brightness and dimension to your existing hair color.

A Lot Lighter | 205-300

Book A Lot Lighter if you want the shade of your hair to be quite a bit lighter. We’re not talking your hair after a quick weekend trip to the beach. We’re talking your hair after a whole summer at the beach. ALSO, book A Lot Lighter if you have naturally dark hair and want to lighten your hair by a few shades, even if you’re not trying to be blonde. Lightening dark hair is a more complicated and time-consuming process than lightening lighter to medium shades of hair. 

Super Light | Price per hour

Super Light is for you if you’re looking to go significantly lighter than your current color. We’re talking A Whole New You. If you are not a blonde but want to pass as one, this service is for you. Going Super Light often requires multiple sessions—please know that we may not be able to achieve your desired results in one sesh. This service requires a consult and is not bookable online, so please contact us to book.

Highlights to Mask & Blend Gray | 260-295

Highlights can strategically be used to mask gray hair. This works particularly well if you are already a natural blonde or a light brunette. The process can work if your hair is darker as well, but definitely note that the highlights will have an overall lightening effect on your hair color.

Bleach & Tone: All-Over Color | Price per hour

A b&t is for you if you’re looking to lighten every strand of your hair from root to end. There are tons of factors for your stylist to consider when doing this service, including whether your hair has been previously color treated, whether you hair is long or short, light or dark, etc. Because of that, we charge based on the amount of time/amount of sessions the effect you’re going for will require. This service requires a consult and is not bookable online, so please contact us to book.

Bleach & Tone: Root Touchup | 180-280

For existing clients only. If you’re a new b&t client, please contact us to book. Otherwise, select the retouch option in our booking tool based on how long it’s been since your most recent b&t. Note: you can see when your last touch-up service was in your booker profile!

Corrective Color | Price per hour

 This service requires a consult and is not bookable online so please contact us to book.


If you have box-dyed hair and want to go lighter at all, please know that box-dye is incredibly challenging to break through and requires a lot of technique, toning, and time. (Cut to the things those Garnier commercials never told you…) Therefore, it may take more than one session to achieve your lightness goals. When in doubt, give us a call or send us an email to book a consultation!