Prices vary based on the expertise of the stylist, and are specified on our booking page. Price transparency is very important to us and our prices are as all-inclusive as possible, so there shouldn’t be any surprises at checkout.

That being said, we want to give you the absolute best hair experience we can, which sometimes means changing the service you booked to something more tailored to your needs. We will always confirm any price difference during your consultation, particularly if the change is more expensive.

All services include a thorough consultation and finishing.

Please contact us if you have any questions! We are here to help, and we’re also happy to book a complimentary in-salon or FaceTime consultation if you’re feeling unsure.


If you would like a haircut in addition to a color service, please book the color service first followed by the haircut.

Haircut | 85-140

Book for your standard gorgeous haircut needs.

Haircut with Olaplex | 120-175

Not only is Olaplex amazing with lightening and color treatments, it has a brilliant effect on haircuts as well. It rebuilds existing broken bonds, prevents further breakage and makes the most of your new haircut. While your stylist is working from the outside in, the Olaplex works from the inside out, leaving your hair healthy, soft, shiny, and luscious as hell.

Transformational Cut | 105-165

Looking to cut off enough hair to donate? Or want to go from a lob to a pixie? If you’re making a BIG change, book a transformational cut. These cuts require a longer consultation, more strategy, and more time, so they are slightly more expensive.

Curly Cut | 85-140

Book if you have very curly (not wavy), coily, or natural-textured hair. Book “Additional Time” if you would like your hair blown straight after the cut.

Barber-Style Cut | 65-85

Book if you’re looking for a cut reminiscent of what you’d get at a barbershop – typically involves clippers, scissor-over-comb, and/or other barber-style techniques. We recommend that you book with our resident Barber-Style Specialist, Alejandro, who’s not only a very cool guy but is also a founding father of modern barber-style techniques. He takes clients Thursdays and Sundays. Please note we are not a barbershop and thus do not provide steams, shaves, or beard trims.

Emo Cut | 85-140

Recently go through a break-up? Had a baby? Or got an exciting new job and want to look as profesh as possible? Book an emo cut if this haircut is an extension of your current emotional state. This cut doesn’t cost any more than a standard haircut (unless you’re making a huge change, in which case, book “transformational cut”), but we just want to know how we can care for you during these important moments! Leave us a note when you book with whatever deets you want to share.

Bang Trim | 15

Please Call to book.

Kid's Cut | 35-45

Kid’s cuts do not include a wash or a blow dry, and are for kids who are under 10 years old only. If your child is under 10 but still wants a wash, dry and style, please book a standard haircut. This service is not bookable online, so please call or email to book!

Chemo Cut

If you are at any stage in the process of undergoing chemotherapy, please visit us for a complimentary haircut. We know just how difficult it can be to prepare for and to experience losing and regrowing your
hair because of chemo, and we hope to make that process just the slightest bit less difficult for you.
Please contact us for details and to book.

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Going Darker

All-Over Color | 120-165
Book if you want to go a little bit darker and/or enrich and tone your current color. If you have blonde hair and want to go much darker, book Dramatically Darker.

Root Touchup | 90-135
See above, but for your roots only. Also book this if you are looking to maintain the darker color you’ve already been getting.

Dim the Brights | 120-180
Book his service, which is also known as “reverse balayage,” if you have highlights and want to keep that sun-kissed effect but also want to deepen the color. Your stylist will apply carefully placed & blended lowlights to dim the brightness while maintaining the gorgeous dimension and effect that highlights bring.

Dramatically Darker | 160-205
Book if you have blonde hair and want to go much darker. This is considered dramatic because if you’re a natural blonde or when your hair has been bleached, darkening it requires multiple steps to achieving an even, rich tone. Dramatic darkening is the service to book if your bestie convinced you blondes had more fun, but your Instaposts from when you were a brunette prove otherwise.

Going Lighter

How it works: Our lightening services are tailored just for you. During your consultation, you and your stylist will discuss your wants/needs/goals (please email or text inspo-pictures to after you book!) and decide on a strategy from there. Your stylist will employ any number of techniques like balayage, babylights, foils, teasylights, foilyage, and/or any other wordmelds to describe the many tools we have in our arsenal to give you the highlights of your dreams.
Full vs Partial: There’s often confusion over the difference between a full and a partial highlight, so let us clear it up for you! A PARTIAL refers to the sections of your head that will be lightened. It does not refer to the root of your hair versus the tip. It will lighten the hair that frames your face to the hair right behind your ears and your crown. A FULL highlight will lighten all sections of your hair. This doesn’t mean that every single piece of hair will be hit with lightener (that’s a bleach & tone!), but rather that your whole head of hair—from your hairline to your nape—will be brightened.
Adding Root Color: If you want your roots done in addition to a lightening service (whether you’re covering grays or just want a different root color than your own), select “Add Root Color” when you book.
When combined with a lightening service, root touchups are only $50.If you want your roots done in addition to a lightening service, select “Add Root Color” when you book.

Naturally Lighter
Book if you’re looking for any kind of highlight that takes you a little bit lighter and gives you a natural, sun-kissed effect. Do not book this service if: your hair is box-dyed, if you have dark hair and want blonde highlights, or if you want a very dense & concentrated highlight (where almost none of your natural color is showing). For that, you’ll need to book dramatically lighter.

Dramatically Lighter
Dramatically Lighter is for you if you’re looking to go a lot lighter than your current color. Are you a dark brunette looking for a high-contrast blonde highlight? Or a light brunette looking for very dense and very bright highlights? This is the service for you. Book Dramatically Lighter if, for example, you want to go from this to this.

There are tons of factors for your stylist to consider when doing this service, including whether your hair has been previously color treated, whether you hair is light or dark, etc. Because of that, we charge for this service based on the amount of time it will take.

Also book Dramatically Lighter if you have box-dyed hair and want to go lighter at all! Box-dye is incredibly challenging to break through and requires a lot of technique, toning, and time. (Cut to the things those Garnier commercials never told you…) Also, this process often requires multiple sessions—please know that we may not be able to achieve your desired results in one sesh.

Naturally Lighter: Full | 250-295
Naturally Lighter: Partial | 215-260
Dramatically Lighter | 350+

Bleach & Tone: All-Over Color | 350-395+
First thing’s first about this service. We highly recommend a consult, whether over a glass of prosecco in your stylist’s chair, or via FaceTime!

A b&t is for you if you’re looking to lighten every strand of your hair from root to tip. There are tons of factors for your stylist to consider when doing this service, including whether your hair has been previously color treated, whether you hair is long or short, light or dark, etc. Because of that, we charge based on the amount of time/amount of sessions the effect you’re going for will require. This service is not bookable online, so please contact us to book.

Bleach & Tone: Root Touchup | 195-280

For existing clients only. If you’re a new b&t client, please contact us to book. Otherwise, select the retouch option in our booking tool based on how long it’s been since your most recent b&t. Note: you can see when your last touch-up service was in your booker profile!

Going Red

Note: We do not offer a root touchup option here, because reds always require a gloss.

Natural Red | 120-165
Book if you want to achieve a natural-looking red tone, such as strawberry blonde, copper, ginger, or auburn. This applies whether or not you’re a natural red head. If you have dark hair and want the shade of red to be lighter than your existing color, you’ll need to book a lightening service (see “Going Lighter”) in addition to Natural Red. Note: we do not offer a root touchup option here because reds always require a gloss.

Creative Red | 295+
Maybe we’re not born with these reds, but who cares when being a siren is the result? To book a red that doesn’t naturally occur on human heads (yet…), go to Creative Color in the service menu.

Covering Gray

Whether you are just starting to see grays poking through or you’ve been gray for some time, you may feel your gray-coverage journey needs some discussion before you’re ready to book. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation so we can decide what strategy best fits your goals!

Covering Grays: All-Over Color | 120-165
Book if you are looking for a rich, dimensional color to cover grays and showcase the color you were born with and/or always wanted!

Covering Grays: Root Touchup | 90-135
Book if you’ve already been covering your grays and simply need a root touchup.

Highlights to Mask & Blend Grays | 260-295
Highlights can strategically be used to mask gray hair. This works particularly well if you are already a natural blonde or a light brunette. The process can work if your hair is darker as well, but definitely note that the highlights will have an overall lightening effect on your hair color.

Creative Color | 295+

First thing’s first about this service, we highly recommend a consult, whether over a glass of prosecco in your stylist’s chair, or via FaceTime! Please contact us to book.

Creative color is a fun, varied, and often fussy treatment. There are tons of factors to consider when getting creative hair colors, including whether your hair has been previously color treated or not, whether you hair is long or short, light or dark, etc. Do you want opal hair or simply a bit of face-framing purple balayage?

Because of the wonderful diversity of creative color treatments, we charge a la carte for them, and therefore need to consult with you to determine price, the amount of appointments it may require (often, achieving the fashion color look you want requires multiple appointments), and the amount of time you’ll need to be in the chair for each service.

Please note: we use Pravana & Pulp Riot color.


Gloss | 65-125

A gloss refreshes and tones your current color, whether it be all-over color or highlights.

Gloss with Olaplex | 115-160

Book if your hair is been lightened and you need to remove brassiness, brighten the color, or slightly change the tone. Add Olaplex to ensure that your non-permanent color’s tone and shine lasts as long as possible!

Blowout (Down-Do) | 35-55

For all your blowout and down styling needs! Come in with an idea (and inspo pics!) of how you’d like your down-do to look, whether a glossy, polished blowout or an effortless, lived-in vibe. If you want ANY amount of your hair pulled up or braided, please book an up-do.

Blowout with Olaplex | 75-105

The three-step Olaplex process works on a molecular level to repair broken bonds in your hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, environmental, and mechanical damage. Olaplex restores those bonds, and provides the ultimate in breakage/damage insurance. Book this treatment whether you’re in between haircuts and your hair is feeling just generally bleh or if you’ve found yourself in full SOS mode. (If you also need a cut, book Haircut with Olaplex to kill two birds with one stone!)

Up-Do | 110-165

Please send us your up-do inspo pics before your appointment so we can be fully prepared and armed with bobby pins and hairspray and all the accoutrement we may need. Please book “updo” if you want ANY amount of your hair pulled up or braided.

Deep Conditioning Mask | 75-105

Book if your hair is feeling oh-so dry and needs a little extra love!

Cezanne Smoothing | 300-345

Cezanne’s unique blend of ingredients is non-toxic, 100% formaldehyde-free, and effective. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, won’t irritate the scalp and won’t release any noxious gases. And yet it is as long-lasting as the current top smoothing products.
In fact, Cezanne strengthens your hair, using a low pH technology that restores broken and damaged bonds.

Cezanne’s formulation is composed of Aloe Vera, keratin,
Glycolic Acid, vitamins, botanical extracts, and it’s key ingredient, Sericin.
Sericin is a natural protein produced by the silk worm, Bombyx mori. The protein acts as cement between reticulated proteins, sealing in moisture, adding luster, protecting bonds, and locking hair into a smoother, straighter form.

Note: Cezanne won’t entirely straighten your hair, but offers beautiful frizz-free and super smooth results!


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