Thanks so much for ordering our Quarantine Color Kit.

We hope this page provides everything you need to make this process as smooth as possible. If you have any additional questions, please email hi@birdhousenyc.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. But please review these videos and instruction guides before you reach out, because we’re receiving a high volume of emails and it may take us more time than usual to reply!

Don’t forget to tag us @birdhousenyc so we can see your QCK selfies! We are genuinely so excited to see how your hair turns out.

Sending love and wishes for safety and sanity to you all!


Find the instructions for your color kit below.

Roots Only Kit

Instructions (pdf download)

Gloss Only Kit

Instructions (pdf download) 

All-Over Color Kit

Instructions (pdf download) 


What if I don’t have enough product?

You should definitely have enough product. If for whatever reason you are concerned about running out, get your hair slightly damp before you apply, which will make the solution slipperier and easier to smudge.

The product is too thick and won’t come out of the squeeze bottle. What should I do?

Add a small amount of shampoo (about the size of a dime) to the bottle to loosen up the solution.

What happens if I get distracted and my color processes for more time than it’s supposed to?

Don’t worry! It takes a LOT of extra time to over process your hair, so don’t worry. Try to rinse as close to the time as you can, but don’t stress.

If I have a hair color mixing bowl and application brush at home, can I use that instead of the applicator bottle?

Yes! As long as the bowl is not metal, go to town.

Do I have to apply my color right away or can I wait a few days/weeks?

If you got a Gloss Only kit, you can wait as long as you want! If you got the Roots Only or All Over Color kit you shouldn’t wait more than a few days to apply your color. Permanent color is oxidative and can lose its functionality over time. 

I’ve toned my blonde and the color is darker/ashier than I was hoping, what can I do?

The gloss may have different effects depending on the porosity of your hair, and often turns your hair a shade darker than normal in order to cancel out brassiness. If you feel like the color is very dark or too ashy, you will very likely notice that initial depth/tone wash out in 2-3 washes. If it doesn’t wash out to your desired effect, however, you can use a gentle clarifying shampoo to try and coax it out a bit more. 

I have a lot of extra root color, should I pull it through all my hair?

No! Especially if it’s a dark color, this can damage your more porous ends and make them appear much darker and very opaque and muddy. 

There are some dark bits all along my root color bottle even after I’ve mixed in the developer—it is still ok to use?

Yes! Because the bottles aren’t 100% airtight, a small amount of oxidation can occur but it’s not nearly enough to have any effect on the outcome. Also, some of that discoloration is just staining!

My gloss bottle color seems to be very different than what I normally get—did I get the wrong kit?

Nope! We’ve been cleaning out and reusing empty bottles to save on costs and mitigate waste. Your unique formula is inside the bottle, we promise!