Down-do | 45-65

Schedule for a blowout, to set your natural curls, or for any other down styling needs! Come in with an idea (and inspo pics if you have ’em) of how you’d like your down-do to look, whether a glossy, polished blowout, gorgeous bouncy natural curls, or an effortless, lived-in vibe. Note: If you want ANY amount of your hair pined back, braided or set with curlers, please book an up-do.

Olaplex Treatment | 85-105

The three-step Olaplex process works on a molecular level to repair broken bonds in your hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, environmental, and mechanical damage. Olaplex restores those bonds, and provides the ultimate in breakage/damage insurance. Book this treatment whether you’re in between haircuts and your hair is feeling just generally bleh or if you’ve found yourself in full SOS mode. Finishes with a blow dry and style.

Serene Scalp Treatment  | 75-95

Accompanied by a blow-dry and style, this soothing Oribe scalp-balancing regimen includes a blissful extended head massage, a scalp exfoliation to remove dirt, dead skin, and product buildup, and a deeply calming and restorative leave-on treatment.

Custom Oribe Deep Conditioning Treatment| 65-85

Accompanied by a blow-dry and style, your stylist will create a custom masque concentrate with Oribe’s nutrient-rich Power Drops to suit your individual needs, including color preservation, damage repair, and intensive-moisture restoration.

Silk Press | 65-110

Gives very curly/natural hair a silky straight look without harsh chemicals. Can last 1-2 weeks with careful maintenance.

Up-do | 110-175

Please contact us to book. An updo is a style that has ANY amount of your hair pulled up or braided. Send us your up-do inspo pics before your appointment so we can be fully prepared and armed with bobby pins and hairspray and all the accoutrement we may need.

Cezanne Smoothing Treatment | 285-360

Cezanne’s unique blend of ingredients is non-toxic, 100% formaldehyde-free, and effective. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, won’t irritate the scalp and won’t release any noxious gases. And yet it is as long-lasting as the current top smoothing products. In fact, Cezanne strengthens your hair, using a low pH technology that restores broken and damaged bonds.

Cezanne’s formulation is composed of Aloe Vera, keratin,
Glycolic Acid, vitamins, botanical extracts, and it’s key ingredient, Sericin. Sericin is a natural protein produced by the silk worm, Bombyx mori. The protein acts as cement between reticulated proteins, sealing in moisture, adding luster, protecting bonds, and locking hair into a smoother, straighter form.

Note: Cezanne won’t entirely straighten your hair, but offers beautiful frizz-free and super smooth results!