Down-do (Blowout) | 45-65

For all your blowout and down styling needs! Come in with an idea (and inspo pics!) of how you’d like your down-do to look, whether a glossy, polished blowout or an effortless, lived-in vibe. If you want ANY amount of your hair pulled up or braided, please book an up-do.

Olaplex Treatment | 85-105

The three-step Olaplex process works on a molecular level to repair broken bonds in your hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, environmental, and mechanical damage. Olaplex restores those bonds, and provides the ultimate in breakage/damage insurance. Book this treatment whether you’re in between haircuts and your hair is feeling just generally bleh or if you’ve found yourself in full SOS mode. (If you also need a cut, book Haircut with Olaplex to kill two birds with one stone!) Finishes with a blow dry and style.

CBDe-Stress Deep Conditioning Treatment | 75-95

Times have not been easy, but do you know what IS easy? Enjoying a quiet, blissful, extended head massage while a high-potency CBD shampoo & deep conditioning treatment are worked into your hair. Accompanied with a blow-dry & style, these wellness forward R+Co products will instill a sense of calm and give you beautiful hair. Finishes with a blow dry and style.

Deep Conditioning Treatment| 65-85

Book if your hair is feeling oh-so dry and needs a little extra love! Finishes with a blow dry and style.

Silk Press | 65-110

Gives very curly/natural hair a silky straight look without harsh chemicals. Can last 1-2 weeks with careful maintenance.

Up-do | 110-165

Please contact us to book. An updo is a style that has ANY amount of your hair pulled up or braided. Send us your up-do inspo pics before your appointment so we can be fully prepared and armed with bobby pins and hairspray and all the accoutrement we may need.

Cezanne Smoothing Treatment | 300-330

Cezanne’s unique blend of ingredients is non-toxic, 100% formaldehyde-free, and effective. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, won’t irritate the scalp and won’t release any noxious gases. And yet it is as long-lasting as the current top smoothing products. In fact, Cezanne strengthens your hair, using a low pH technology that restores broken and damaged bonds.

Cezanne’s formulation is composed of Aloe Vera, keratin,
Glycolic Acid, vitamins, botanical extracts, and it’s key ingredient, Sericin. Sericin is a natural protein produced by the silk worm, Bombyx mori. The protein acts as cement between reticulated proteins, sealing in moisture, adding luster, protecting bonds, and locking hair into a smoother, straighter form.

Note: Cezanne won’t entirely straighten your hair, but offers beautiful frizz-free and super smooth results!