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Welcome to your hair home.

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The Bird House is more than a top-rated hair salon. We are a community of artists and professionals committed to excellent and modern hairdressing, acutely aware of the emotional connection we all have with our hair.

At The Bird House, your professional and personal growth are just as important to us as your financial growth. We support each other, grow alongside each other, and celebrate each other’s successes.

The Bird House isn’t just a place to work. It’s a place to thrive.

Financial Growth & Stability

There’s no ceiling to your earning potential at The Bird House. We’re committed to helping you achieve your individual career goals, whether that is a long career behind the chair, advanced leadership, specialization, you name it.

We’re invested in your financial growth from the minute you begin your career with us, which is why we have an equitable commission structure for everyone, not just the highest-earning stylists.

And while your retirement might seem like a lifetime away, we want to help you prepare for it, which is why every employee here is offered a 401k plan.

We deeply care for our clients, and they can feel it. That means not only do they keep returning to our salon but they also leave glowing reviews and tell their friends, too, which ultimately converts to a reliably full book, a consistently long waitlist, and an ever-increasing paycheck.

Kara blowdrying scaled at The Bird House Hair Salon Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NYC
A hair styling educator with apprentices at The Bird House Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY

Team Education

Staying relevant by consistently developing our skills is one of our core values. We bring in professional educators and host frequent in-house classes taught by our experienced stylists.

We’re also incredibly collaborative in our back room; you’ll find impromptu learning sessions happening nearly every day. We believe that every learning opportunity is essential, small or grand.

Our education program seeks to be diverse and inclusive, working to build our stylists’ skillsets with everything they need to take care of clients with all textures and types.

Through our empowering and proprietary Assistant Passport program, our new artists are given a robust education, mentorship, individualized coaching, and a clear pathway to their career behind the chair.



Your freedom is so important to us.

But freedom isn’t only about making your own decisions.
It’s also about your free time. Our support team is set up to allow you to focus your workdays on your art, and we respect your time on your days off.

Speaking of vacation time, we have an unlimited time-off policy and offer paid sick leave, which allows you to take the time you need while still ensuring your finances don’t suffer.

Reception handles your books, our assistants are there to support you in cleanliness, washing, mixing, rough drying, etc., and your leaders will collaborate in setting your schedule and are here to help make your lives easier and more balanced.

A close-up of a stylist apprentice curring hair at The Bird House Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY
A smiling woman with curly hair at The Bird House Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY

Mentorship & Inclusivity

Our team members’ personal health and satisfaction at work is incredibly important to us. Through our mentorship program that we call “The Nest”, we ensure you have someone to go to for help and support when you need it.

We celebrate each individual’s unique background, heritage, and perspective and see the differences among us as an essential element in thriving as a salon. Each member of our team brings their own skills, experiences and ideas to the table, and are eager to learn from each other.