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Treatments & Styling

A blonde woman with Olaplex and fun styling applied by a hair stylist at The Bird House Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY

Down-Do | 45-80

Schedule for a blowout or to set your natural curls! Come in with an idea (and inspo pics if you have them) of how you’d like your down-do to look, whether a glossy, polished blowout, gorgeous bouncy natural curls, or an beachy, lived-in vibe. Note: If you want ANY amount of your hair pined back, braided, or set with curlers, please book an up-do.

Up-Do | 100-185

Please contact us to book. An up-do is a style where any amount of your hair is pulled up or braided or any accessories are used (including bobby pins). Send us your up-do inspo pics before your appointment so we can be fully prepared and armed with pins and hairspray and all the accoutrements we may need.

Bond Repair Treatment & Style | 90-130

Our bond-repairing treatments will help strengthen and repair damaged bonds deep within your hair’s structure. Book this treatment if your hair has been damaged by chemical treatments and/or if you’re experiencing breakage or split ends, and you’re hoping to restore your hair back to its natural luster. These treatments can also improve the hair’s elasticity and resilience, helping it to withstand future damage.

Custom Nutrient-Infusion Treatment & Style | 90-130

Your stylist will choose a treatment targeted specifically to your hair needs and desires. With 24 possible combinations using 99% regenerative ingredients, Davines’ herbal infusions effectively address your individual hair goals including radiance, strength, and moisture. The process is fast, the service is interactive, and the results are immediate.

Serene Scalp Treatment & Style | 80-115

Accompanied by a blow-dry and style, this soothing Oribe scalp-balancing regimen includes a blissful extended head massage, a scalp exfoliation to remove dirt, dead skin, and product buildup, and a deeply calming and restorative leave-on treatment.

Hair Detox Treatment & Style | 105-160

Our incredibly effective Detox Treatment utilizes Olaplex’s Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment to remove harmful particles, heavy metals, and other toxins from your hair. Its potent Vitamin C cleanses your scalp and provides antioxidant protection from pollution and free radical damage. It allows better penetration and efficacy of all chemical services. Best of all, it has a profound effect on hair tone, and works wonders to reverse brassiness in blondes. Combined with Olaplex’s no. 8 moisture mask, our detox service restores your hair’s natural shine, softness, and manageability. We highly recommend adding this treatment to your lightening services to heighten its efficacy.

Botox for the Hair Treatment & Style | 75-110

As we age, our hair can become brittle and coarse and simply lose its luster. Oribe’s proprietary Gold Lust Bio-Restorative complex will nourish and rejuvenate your strands with Linoleic fatty acids. This treatment improves your hair’s elasticity and fortifies it to rediscover its softness, body and inner brilliance. Works even better when combined with an at-home Gold Lust regimen.

Intensive Repair Treatment & Style | 75-110

Our Intensive Repair Treatment utilizes Oribe’s beloved Hair Alchemy line to transform damaged, brittle hair into strong, resilient, healthy locks. With curative ingredients including chia seeds, plant-based protein, fermented bamboo leaves, and yacón root, this treatment (which includes a deep conditioner as well as an intensive repair leave-on serum) forms a scaffold around each hair fiber to prevent breakage and improve the elasticity of each hair strand. Works even better when combined with an at-home Hair Alchemy regimen.

Silk Press | 80-165

Gives very curly/natural hair a silky straight look without harsh chemicals. Can last 1-2 weeks with careful maintenance.

A woman with short red hair that has undergone restorative treatment and styling at The Bird House Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY
A woman with thick black hair showing a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment from The Bird House Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY

Cezanne™ Smoothing Treatment | 300-430

Cezanne is a wonder for taming frizz and smoothing coarseness,. This non-toxic, 100% formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment is nothing short of a miracle worker. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, won’t irritate the scalp and won’t release any noxious gases, and yet it is equally long-lasting as its less-safe competitors.

Cezanne’s formulation is composed of Aloe Vera, keratin, Glycolic Acid, vitamins, botanical extracts, and it’s key ingredient, Sericin. Sericin is a natural protein produced by the silk worm, Bombyx mori. The protein acts as cement between reticulated proteins, sealing in moisture, adding luster, protecting bonds, and locking hair into a smoother, straighter form. Click here for more information and FAQs about Cezanne.

A few notes:

  • Cezanne won’t entirely straighten your hair, but offers beautiful frizz-free and super-smooth results!
  • If you need color as well, it needs to be booked 2 weeks apart from your Cezanne, so plan accordingly!

Curl Cult® Body Wave | 115-200/hour

This service requires an in-person complimentary consultation—contact us to book!

Using Curl Cult’s texture treatment, a body wave will chemically alter the texture of your hair, adding body, bounce and curls to straight hair, or reforming existing curls or waves. It also doubles as a protein treatment to improve the looks and feel of your hair. Click here for more information and FAQs about Curl Cult.