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Haircut | 75-180

Book for your standard haircut needs.

Emo Cut | 75-180

Recently go through a break-up? Had a baby? Living through a pandemic? Starting an exciting new job and want to make a great first impression? Book an emo cut if this haircut is an extension of your current emotional state. This cut doesn’t cost any more than a standard haircut (unless you’re making a huge change, in which case, book “transformational cut”), but we want to be able to care for you during these important moments. Leave us a note when you book with whatever details you want to share.

Quiet Cut | 75-180

Book a quiet cut if you need a great haircut but also an escape. You’ll still have a thorough consultation with your stylist, but then you can spend the rest of your appointment listening to our curated playlists, reading a book, scrolling, or simply staring into space without feeling any obligation to chat. Believe us, we get it. (Although we’re always here for a good conversation if you change your mind!)

Blond woman with a short haircut.
Blond woman with a short haircut.

Transformational Cut | 125-205

Looking to cut off enough hair to donate? Or want to go from a lob to a pixie? If you’re making a BIG change, book a transformational cut. These cuts require a longer consultation, more strategy, and more time, which is reflected in the price.

Clipper Cut | 65-95

Book if you’re looking for a cut reminiscent of what you’d get at a barbershop – typically involves clippers or buzzers and/or other barber-style techniques.

Pixie Cut | 75-180

Book if you already have very short hair (above the ears) and want to maintain your style. This includes long pixies.

Curly Cut | 100-205

Book if you have curly, coily, or kinky hair and always wear it naturally. Be sure to come in with your hair done the way you normally style it (ie. not in a dirty bun after you’ve come from the gym) so that your stylist will be able to determine your natural curl pattern and shape. Our curly cuts always include a curly set, but if you’d like your hair blown straight, please select either the “Blowdry w/Curly Cut” or “Silk Press w/Curly Cut” add-on option, depending on your texture. 

Bang Trim | 15

Call to book.

New Bangs | 35-60

Bangs may be a small change, but they make a big impact. If you want new bangs but don’t need an overall haircut, this is the service for you.

Kid’s Cut (≤10 yrs) | 35-55

*For the kiddos of our existing clients only. Call to schedule.

Please be sure your child’s hair is clean and thoroughly detangled as this service doesn’t include a wash or dry. If you’d like for them to get their hair washed, please book a regular haircut.

Chemo Cut

If you are at any stage in the process of undergoing chemotherapy, please visit us for a complimentary haircut. We know just how difficult it can be to prepare for and to experience losing and regrowing your hair because of chemo, and we hope to make that process just the slightest bit less difficult for you. Please contact us for details and to book.

In loving memory of Deborah Ann Jordan, Brooke & Nicole’s beloved mom.
June 26, 1959-November 16, 2018

Deborah Ann Jordan

Blond woman with a short haircut.